New private ferry service on Lake Malawi

Thanks to 6th edition updater Sean Connolly to alerting me to this new private ferry service Sute Lake Safaris operating out of Nkhata Bay. Its timetable is as pasted in below, and you can also contact it though the website or facebook page TIMETABLE Monday:  Departs Chipoka 08:00 Arrival in Nkhotakota: 14:00 Departs Nkhotakota 15:00 Arrival in Likoma … Continue reading New private ferry service on Lake Malawi


Latest MV Ilala timetable

Thanks to Sean Connolly for passing on the latest timetable for the MV ILala, which now does include Monkey Bay again.     MV. ILALA ROUND TRIP With NORTH BOUND nnnn PORT DAY ARRIVAL TIME DEPARTURE TIME PP MONKEY BAY SATURDAY 1000 CHIPOKA SATURDAY 1300 1600 NKHOTA KOTA SUNDAY 0100 0200 METANGULA SUNDAY 0600 0800 … Continue reading Latest MV Ilala timetable

Ulendo Airlink

Ulendo Airlink is a new venture from one of Malawi's best, and most dynamic, tourism companies. Serving the key tourist destinations of Likoma Island, the southern Lakeshore and Zambia's South Luangwa National Park, as well as Lilongwe and Blantyre, this is an enterprise that will make getting around Malawi even easier. More information on all … Continue reading Ulendo Airlink