News from Usisya Beach Eco-Lodge

Daniela Kartscher, owner-manager of Usisya Beach Eco-Lodge, writes: I wanted to let you know that Usisya Beach Eco-Lodge, in the village of Usisya, the first ferry stop on the MV Ilala as it heads north of Nkhata Bay (see p280 of the 7th edition), has experienced several new developments in recent months. The temporary grass huts mentioned … Continue reading News from Usisya Beach Eco-Lodge


Hiking to Zulunkhuni River Lodge

- Zulunkhuni River Lodge outside Ruarwe. First let me say that this lodge is a piece of heaven carved on the lake shore. One of the best place we stayed. Coming from Mzuzu we stayed at Usisya one night, the 11am matola left at 1pm and the trip took 6 hours.We stayed in local lodge … Continue reading Hiking to Zulunkhuni River Lodge