Mwabvi & Lower Shire Valley

Page 218. Mwabvi wildlife reserve, accomodation: -          Migudu camp. They were still building the central albutions block when we visited, it was far from ready. -          A newly build lodge has been build near the gorge, the Njati Lodge (see website). When we had a look, there were no guests. The place is very solitary and rather primitive, … Continue reading Mwabvi & Lower Shire Valley


Mwabvi, Nyika, Limbe

There is now a 19km drive loop in Mwabvi, the camp site has a lovely ablutions block, and the wildlife reintroductions are continuing at Majete. The private concession at Nyika is just being readvertised by the government after the first tendering exercise ended in allegations of corruption. A government minister is being investigated. The previous … Continue reading Mwabvi, Nyika, Limbe