Zomba, Cape Maclear & Blantyre updates

Louise writes: I've recently returned from a lovely trip to Malawi (early December), new Bradt guide to Malawi in hand, and wanted to draw your attention to some things which we found to have changed. 1. Zomba Hotel Masongola.  This place seems ti have gone downhill. It's no longer upmarket, nor the smartest place in town by … Continue reading Zomba, Cape Maclear & Blantyre updates


Updates from Mgoza Lodge, Cape Maclear

Apologies to Mgoza Lodge, and to readers, for inadvertently neglecting to update the 7th edition listing for what is now the only lodge in Cape Maclear that has a swimming pool and accommodates travellers on a budget in huts and dorms. An updated listing is pasted in below: Mgoza Lodge (7 rooms 2 dorms) [tel] … Continue reading Updates from Mgoza Lodge, Cape Maclear

Thumbi View (previously Stevens) Lodge, Cape Maclear

Chris and Noleen of Thumbi View Lodge write: THUMBI VIEW LODGE (18 Dorm beds, 7 rooms) +265 997463054 / +265 998599005 Email info@thumbiviewlodge.com Thumbi view lodge (previously Stevens lodge) is on the beach in Cape Maclear. Experience life in a small Malawian fishing village. The lodge is owned and managed by Chris and Noleen who have … Continue reading Thumbi View (previously Stevens) Lodge, Cape Maclear

Mufasa Backpackers in Lilongwe and Cape Maclear closed

Katrin writes: I would like to inform you about some change concerning Mufasa Backpacker Lodges in Malawi. The Lodge in Lilongwe and Cape Maclear are closed down. The Mufasa Rustic Backpacker Camp still exstists but under new management. (I have emailed Katrin to ask for more details, & willpost them as soon as I can