Blantyre and Liwonde

Konrad writes:

While travelling in Zambia, Malawi & Zimbabwe, your guidebooks were a
great help for me, and I got lots of infomation from them. In regard to the
Malawi guidebook, I’d like to give you dome feedback on two places:

1. Sleeping in Blantyre

I stayed in Wenela Lodge, which was very good and in the same price range like
Family Lodge, where I also asked (or even cheaper, as breakfast is included,
whereas it’s not in Family Lodge). The staff in Wenela Lodge was more
friendly than that in Family Lodge, when I asked there. Doogle’s, where you
pay more for a bed in dormitory than for a big room at Wenela, appeared a bit
snobbish to me. Therefore if I had to choose one of these three, I would
range Doogle’s in the higher pricerange, not Wenela. And, to be honest, I
would range none of these as „shoestring“ but as „budget“ (or Doogle’s as
„moderate“?). Wenela charged from 6000 to 10000 K for double rooms (used by a
single person).


2. Liwonde Safari Camp, Liwonde – The worst experience on my Africa trip

Liwonde Safari Camp is located just 300m from Bushman’s Baobabs Lodge,
allowing you to visit both lodges before deciding. This was what I wanted to
do, and I first looked at Bushman’s Baobabs to have a comparison before
heading to Liwonde Safari Camp where I had the following, very bad
After I was shown the accommodation possibilities, I asked for a little
discount with reference to Bushman’s more favorable conditions. In my opinion
during low season such a question, posed in a decent, friendly tone, should
be allowed in view of 15 $ for a bed in a dorm shared with 10 to 15 people.
And I asked only for a comparable discount, like it was given to me at
Bushman’s. It was by no means a question of playing the two against each
other in order to push the price. Now, however, Safari Camp not only refused
any discount – no one penny was given – they brought the boss, and he
expelled me seriously of the place. But much worse: on my note that I now
would have no choice than to go to Bushman’s Baobabs, the somewhat gaunt and
smoking-born dutchman took reinforcement in the form of a strong of his local
employees and barred me by physical violence against me and my clothing from
returning to Bushman’s Baobabs. Instead they pushed me back – two men against
one – until the gate of the terrain, in which both lodges are situated, could
be closed. So I was outside of the fence. I would not have been able to use
either of the two lodges and instead I would have had to walk back on foot 6
km to the next street, 1 hour before dark, if not by chance I soon was able
to stop a car which gave me a lift to Bushman’s Baobabs (the two bad guys
still where at the gate and now had to open it again for me, now inside the
car – what a fun!!), where I had nice days.
I spent 5 weeks traveling as a backpacker in Africa, and despite the many
warnings which were given to me by worried people at home, this was the only
negative incident I had to experience.



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