Zomba guide recommendation

Wichert van Engelen writes:

We (my wife and I) went to visit our daughter who had just finished her medical trainee ship in Malawi. Although it was our 9th visit to Southern Africa, we only had been a couple of days in Malawi, years ago.
It was a warm welcome: friendly people, an active country where most of the people are living close to one of the major roads.
And although the nature probably isn’t as spectacular as in some other countries, we enjoyed hiking around a lot. Especially in the Zomba-area where we got the phone number of a local guide man. While charging very reasonable prices, he took us along paths we otherwise wouldn’t have chosen (because of the rain season, plenty of tracks were not accessible). This Isaac Luna proved to how a large knowledge of flora and fauna and to be a real handy man when unpredictable situations occurred (as a landslide blocking the only road down from the Zomba-plateau, of a flooded road on our trip to the harbor heading for Chisi Island).
I would greatly recommend this personal guide when you want to have an excellent hike somewhere in the Zomba-area. Isaac Luna’s direct phone: +265 882 77 32 47
Recently he even started his own webpage: www.zomba-guides.com with lovely pictures and a lot of idea’s for a walk.


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