InfoMulanje feedback

Kimberlee writes:

I do NOT recommend InfoMulanje. I have visited Mulanje a few times and I have had a very mixed experience with InfoMulanje. They do have information about the trails and peaks. However, they are unaffiliated with the forestry office, so they will recommend unapproved guides and porters. When visitors get a guide, they’re required to get them from a rotating list at either the Likhubula or the Fort Lister offices. I asked InfoMulanje to call ahead to the forestry office for the next guide on the list. The worker said he had and that the guide would meet us at the beginning of the trail. We met the guide, gave him money to go buy groceries for the trip, and later found out he was not a forestry guide. He never came back with the money.


One thought on “InfoMulanje feedback

  1. Sid says:

    This is really sad and unfortunate. What so you recommend then? Should one directly go to the forestry office? How? Is there an office in Blantyre also?

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