Mufasa Backpackers in Lilongwe and Cape Maclear closed

Katrin writes:

I would like to inform you about some change concerning Mufasa Backpacker Lodges in Malawi. The Lodge in Lilongwe and Cape Maclear are closed down. The Mufasa Rustic Backpacker Camp still exstists but under new management.

(I have emailed Katrin to ask for more details, & willpost them as soon as I can


7 thoughts on “Mufasa Backpackers in Lilongwe and Cape Maclear closed

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Katrin adds:

    Mufasa Monkey Bay still exists, but under new SA ownership and management- which you should mention. The name Mufasa Rustic Backpacker Camp stays the same and offers the following:

    – solar lighting in the rooms, bathroom and on the pathways and in the campsite
    – hot shower
    – very cosy but simply furnished rooms in African stil
    – restaurant offers a menu throughout the day. The kitchen is open until 21:00
    – all day bar
    – Boat trips to Monkey Island and around Monkey Bay can be organised
    – Snorkling. Fishing. Birdwatching.
    – Hiking, walks to Monkey Bay just 12 min.
    – Cell phone charging

    Vehicle rental available, with or without driver. Also a minibus for groups

    Stay 6 nights get the 7th night free. Stay 10 nights, get 11th and 12th night free.
    camping MK 1050 / US 3.5
    Double and Twin rooms MK 6600.00 / US 22
    Single MK 5100.00 / US 17
    Dorm MK 2550 / US 8.50 per person

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Phillip, do you happen to have contact details for the Mufasa Rustic Backpacker Camp? Having trouble tracking them down and their old website has expired.


  2. philipbriggs says:

    Hi Brendan, Katrin Schoepse contacted me with this email address (schoepse [at], so maybe give that a try? Cheers. Philip

  3. Riki Anderson says:

    A special thanks to the Bradt guide and the guests that came to experience the magic of Mufasa Monkey Bay. I fell in love with Angona Bay (better known as Mufasa Monkey Bay) when I was between 8 and 10 years old. I love it more everyday. I will be in Monkey Bay full time as from 1 September 2014 to welcome every one that wants to share the serenity that only Angona Bay can give you. Katrin Schoepse is my best friend and I am working towards having her back in Monkey Bay. Please help me to achieve that.

  4. Kate says:

    Hi, my friend and I are hoping to stay at Mufasa Rustic Backpacker Camp on Tuesday 23rd Sep. Is there a contact number/email address? Thanks, Katie

  5. shakil says:

    Hi, anybody happen to have Tine’s contact details? i have him a real fruity proposal.
    SHAKIL SAMA – LILONGWE- a direct email to me would be wonderful.


  6. Lyn Davidson says:

    I was on my way to stay at Mufasa’s in Feb 2015 this year, but couldn’t get there due to the bridge from Cuamba side being down because of floods. I’d heard about the place from friends staying with us in Pemba Bush Camp over New Year, and it sounded like a place I’d love to have stayed for a while. Is it still open and is Riki still running it?

    Till later I hope!

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