Nkhwazi Lodge has reopened as Sunga Moyo

Stella Fuesrt, who has recently taken over the former Nkhwazi Lodge, writes:

Newly reopened as Sunga Moyo, our lodge still has one of the most scenic beach fronts on Lake Malawi.

We have already slashed and repaired the access road, renovated and repaired the ablutions, cleaned up the beach and levelled the camp grounds, the bar and restaurant are de-cluttered and neat, the reception painted and re-decorated.

New sign posts are in place.

That means that the campsite is open, for the moment with cold showers only. I reckon that the warm water boiler will be reinstalled within a few weeks, that means that latest in March visitors will find an immaculately clean, cosy, self catering campsite!

The next step will be to provide power points and braai (barbecue) places and also to built a camp kitchen and put up new blinds in the restaurant.

Once that is done, we will, probably around Easter, start with modest bar service and meals, in a first phase over weekends (inviting for Potjie Pot meals and Braais) and during holidays. We have our own pork and we make tasty sausages (boerewors).

The renovation and decoration of the 3 neglected chalets will take about 8 months to a year. We want to extend the khonde and add a little splash pool and revive the flower beds around the buildings. Every chalet will have its own theme. Once the chalets (with ablutions and a lounge) are ready, we plan to extend the menu of the restaurant further.

Access will be controlled with an entrance fee of 2000 MKW for day visitors in order to restrict crowds at the beach. Our main target groups are individual travellers from overseas and South Africans who come with their own car, plus to a lesser extend European permanent residents from Mzuzu.

As I have travelled the continent and my partner is South African, we know what these two groups expect. Sunga Moyo will be a special place, I do not intend to attract the crowds or boozers, rather charge a bit more and provide privacy and good service.

Prices 10 US$ per person camping and for the chalets 70 US$ per person B&B.

Contact: +265 9999 64053 (Stella) or  +265 9999 64052 (Fred) or stellaf@africa-online.net


6 thoughts on “Nkhwazi Lodge has reopened as Sunga Moyo

    • Stella Fuerst says:

      Hi Auke, you are welcome! Things are fast improving, go to http://www.sunga-moyo.com We will be in Sunga M over Easter, come and join us for a potjie or if you come to Lilongwe, meet us in our home at Lumbadzi! I have not been to Lukwe, but I like, what I saw in the www, very designer like, simple and in style, tht is what I envision for the chalets. Greetings Stella 09999 64053

  1. Colin Andrews says:

    Hi Stella,

    I guess you would not be interested in a group of 15 scouts (Girls and boys 15 – 17 years old) plus 4 adult leaders for a week in late July?.

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