Mwabvi & Lower Shire Valley

Page 218. Mwabvi wildlife reserve, accomodation:

–          Migudu camp. They were still building the central albutions block when we visited, it was far from ready.

–          A newly build lodge has been build near the gorge, the Njati Lodge (see website). When we had a look, there were no guests. The place is very solitary and rather primitive, but must be ideal for people looking for peace and quiet.


Chapter 14 Lower Shire valley:

It is not described in your guide how to cross the border to Mozambique, from Bangula southbound to the border post of Vila Nova Fronteira in Mozambique. This is not an easy trip and it requires high clearance 4×4, so few drivers make it, but it is an interesting and beautiful drive for those who dare.

This route goes from Bangula to Nsanje, via Vila Nova de Fronteira (border), then southwest towards Zambezi river, then going east to Pinda and Murrumbala, finally going south to the EN1. From there it is easy to drive to Caia.

Navigation is a must. On the road to Pinda, you’ll have to cross the Shire river by a small ferry, operating only in the dry season.

There are a few catches though. First of all, it’s a very long drive. We were unable to negotiate this route within a single day, this was because the ferry was broken for a couple of hours. Normally the ferry would take 1 to 2 hours of waiting.

The second catch is the border crossing, you cannot buy the required third party insurance at this border. Nor can buy it in Caia. So, this route basically is only for those drivers who have pre-arranged this insurance.

Thirdly, there is hardly any accomodation en route. We saw a little pension in Murrumbala, but we did not check it. We camped overnight near the ferry, and were kindly helped by villagers to camp inside the village. As usual, the people of Mozambique were fantastic!


Astrid & Frank, Netherlands


One thought on “Mwabvi & Lower Shire Valley

  1. I. Hentsch says:

    Project African Wilderness has closed, and the project at Mwabvi has been abandoned and is currently all closed. The Lions have been relocated to SA, and the lodge abandoned.The lodge MAY be taken over as a concession, but it is unlikely, as it will take a lot of money to rescue.

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