Accommodation at Senga Bay

My husband and I have been staying/volunteering in Lilongwe for 2 months. We like to head to Senga Bay on the weekends and noticed our favorite lodge is not in the Bradt Malawi guide.
Sangalalani’s Cottages are big, airy, ensuite cottages that come with 2 singles or a double, located next to baobab’s The sheets and blankets are in great condition. It’s really the cleanest place we’ve seen yet and kept up more than the others inside and out. The have great fans in every room. They have places for tents also. The rooms are only 4000 kwacha and I didn’t ask the price for camping. The only complaint we had was low water pressure (only cold water), but they said they were in the process of fixing the problem. It didn’t really affect us because they bring a huge tub of hot water to your room every morning and the toilets flushed fine. There’s a bar/table area, but they still don’t have a restaurant. We enjoyed eating next door at Carolina’s. The current contact # is 0999 339 822.

Also note that Wamwai Beach Lodge is now Mufasa’s.




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