Maji Zuwa Resort, near Chilumba

Matt Maroon writes:
“I have a lodge in Chilumba. It is called Maji Zuwa, Water & Sun Resort. The unique thing about our place is that it is on a hill that comes off of the beach so the view is just spectacular. It is located 12 km north of Chitimba Beach (Livingstonia Turnoff) and 1km north of Sangilo Sanctuary. Run by a young American ex-volunteer, Matt who has turned the lodge into a real community affair. The lodge sponsors local projects including a nursery school, orphan care and a feeding programme for the local primary school. Matt is also a lecturer at the nearby University of Livingstonia in Social and Development Studies.

Lake Chalet – $10 inc bfast (8 rooms)
Self-Contained Chalet with Bathroom – $20 inc bfast (4 rooms)
Camping – $3
Meals – Around $5

Tel: +265991767515.




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