Mua Mission

we decided to visit Mua Mission on our way back  
to Lilongwe for our flight back home. I was very interested to see the  
woodcarving workshop. We called Mua Mission  and Pantodo Chalets many  
times on the 3 published numbers but the telephone was never answered,  
so we went anyway on Sunday afternoon April 15 2012 and found it with  
difficulty because there was only a small sign: “Mua Mission school for  
the deaf” 
At the Pantondo Chalets there was nobody but after a while a young  
blonde guy came and told us that he was the manager and he showed us a  
room, but the room was not cleaned and he tried on his cellphone to  
reach the cleaning staff but could not find them because of Sunday  
afternoon and a football match. 
So we settled for a rondavel higher up the hill with a view on a wall of  
green vegetation where before there must have been a terrassed garden  
with a view on the river below. Everywhere the grass was knee-high with  
fallen leaves on the paths and here and there rubble and empty plastic  
bottles shoved under the bushes. 
The young manager came to tell us that indeed we could have dinner, he  
had reached the lady-cook and he lent us three glasses made from cut-off  
bottles so that we could enjoy the wine that we brought on our little  
porch. The lady-cook was very nice and prepared us a nice goat-stew and  
later supplied me with 2 new lightbulbs so that we had light in our  
On the wall of the restaurant there was a wooden plaque with a photo of  
of crown princess Mette Marit of Norway opening the resort in 2005 and  
after 7 years it was still clear to see that the resort was well built  
with beautiful concrete work and expensive materials but it was  
disheartening  to see how rundown it already was. Lack of management,  
interest and maintenance. 
Mondaymorning we went to the Museum and Carving Workshop. The Museum is  
interesting and has a treasure of information on the 3 main Tribes, too  
much for one morning. But in the Carving Workshop there was nobody  
working although on the floor there was a big wooden door half finished. 
When we asked in the office where 2 men were working on a computer and a  
telephone, why the telephone was never answered we got no explanation. 
We walked into the desolate parc with abandoned Zoo, all cages and  
folieres are empty and delapidated, the snakepit has stinking water, not  
a nice sight on a beautiful spot at the river.  Another example that  
foreign donations not always stimulate initiative and enterprise.



One thought on “Mua Mission

  1. Iris says:

    We have been to Mua 2 weeks ago and decided to see if it would be possible to do a woodcraft workshop ourselves. It turned out to be a really good day and the workshop we did was worth it! The woodcraft workers were very kind and willing to teach us how to make our own masks. We enjoyed the museum, but we spend the whole afternoon making the masks. The workers are willing to help you creating anything you like, it is not expensive at all and it is more fun making your souvenir yourself instead of buying one in the nearby shop. We can definitely recommend going to Mua and do the woodcraft workshop.

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