Recommended taxi driver in Blantyre

My name is Sam and, I recently arrived back home in the UK after working at the hospital in Blantyre. Having stayed there for almost 2 months, I would like to recommend a taxi service which I found to be particularly useful. The driver’s name is Lawrence (he has one (maybe two) drivers working for him) and other than being a genuinely nice guy, he was extremely reliable, arrived on time (quite a rarity in Malawi!), honest and charged very fair prices, with the added bonus that he answers his phone pretty much any hour of the day! (happily picked me up from a night out at 4.30am, which I felt terrible for, but he was still smiling!) His telephone numbers are 0888 354068 and 0993 673502.

One thought on “Recommended taxi driver in Blantyre

  1. Joe says:

    Thanks Sam, I’m also from the UK and working at Queens in Blantyre now. Lawrence gave me the best price for a long journey so I’d also recommend him. I hope he’s as smiley as you’ve said!

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