Carolyn’s updates


My sister bought your guide to Malawi and we’ve been using it throughout our trip here. It has been very helpful. However, please let folks know that travellers cheques are no longer accepted except at two banks in Blantyre. FMN will cash US dollar AMEX cheques and National Bank will cash US and CAN dollar AMEX cheques. We almost left the coutnry when we had so much difficulty cashing them. Thankfully these two banks saved the day.

The fuel crisis has increased prices somewhat … particularly transport related things.

Malawi is living up to the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ catch phrase and we are enjoying our time here. We’ve been staying at Kabula Lodge in Blantyre (Malawi) and are really enjoying the staff and calm atmosphere of the place. Clientele tends to the longer term stay but they welcome people staying for just a couple of days.



One thought on “Carolyn’s updates

  1. Michelle says:

    Also note that the Kw devaluation in May 2012 changed everything from the last guide. Seems prices increased more than the devaluation, so it’s best to just check before showing up.

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