Nkwazi & Nyika updates

Hi, I have just returned from 3 weeks in Malawi. I bought your book before I left and enjoyed it very much especially the history and background.
Most of your details on resorts remain up to date with the exception that naturally a lot are more run down and pretty tatty ! Nkwazi near Nkhotakota for instance is not really operating as you can’t even buy a beer and the staff haven’t been paid for over 6 months…according to them.Petty theft is also a problem.
My one major issue is iro Nyika plateau.having read your review and knowing some of the history we made a point of going there which is no mean feat with the logging trucks really messing the road up. Unfortunately one is unable to walk / hike there at all without a guide at US $ 45 per person.When we questioned this we were told it was a govt law to protect people.From what I am not sure as there is no game other than a few eland reedbuck and roan !! The stories of hyena and leopard are greatly exaggerated I believe. It really spoilt our visit and I would not have made the effort if I had known.



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