Crossing to Tete (Mozambique)

The best and safest way to cross from Malawi to Tete is to take a bus from Blantyre to Harare (maybe “Flying Horses” from the Central Bus Station) – you have to pay for the whole trip, but it will be a comfortable one, and the bus stops in Tete, where you can disembark!

Ideally, get your Mozambican visa in Lilongwe, as it’s much easier than to buy it on the border. On the border, it can be that they want to see your Yellow Fever Vaccination! Don’t forget it!

In Tete you will find several options (TCO, LTM) for buses to Chimoio, Beira etc



5 thoughts on “Crossing to Tete (Mozambique)

  1. Joshua Kirshner says:

    This is very helpful! I am a human geographer planning to do some research in Tete, and I will be traveling there for the first time via Malawi.

    • Bob Scott says:

      Hi Andrea

      That’s very helpful. I hope to make a return trip from Harare to Blantyre later this year. Any further informtion about the bus you mention would be most welcome. Name of company? Fare? Where to buy tickets? etc



    • Joshua Kirshner says:

      I’ve traveled twice from Lilongwe to Tete by bus. The first time I went to Blantyre and then took a bus that was heading to Jo’burg, but I arranged a price for them to just leave me in Tete. The bus departed several hrs late, and then it was about a 4 hr trip, plus time at the border. The second trip, I went to Dedza, Malawi, crossed the border into Moz, and then took a minibus taxi (“chapa”) to Tete, which took roughly 5 hours, and was not very comfortable to say the least.

      Feel free to contact me for more info…

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