Village visits & ecotourism

Khama Chowa has just written to say that he and his friend Blessing Mtambo run a small travel firm in Malawi It specialises in village visits and other ecotourism. Further contact details are P.O.Box 2744, Lilongwe, Cell: 265 888 428 800/265 888 047 600

3 thoughts on “Village visits & ecotourism

  1. Khama Chowa says:

    We also offer all kinds of tours, from day tours, week tours, to complete holiday tours. Being Malawian natives we accompany you telling you all the incredible knowledge you may like to know We do also offer all-inclusive package tours on request .We will take you to any place in Malawi

  2. Sarah Dillen says:

    I already had the honor to explore Malawi by Warm Hearth Travel. The comfortable transport and heartwarming explanation made me acquainted with the south of the beautiful country. I lost my heart in Malawi thanks to Khama and Blessings. I’m sure I will be guided by Warm Hearth to explore the North. I look forward it! Thank you Khama ans Bless! Greets Sarah

  3. Jan, Piet and Hans says:

    We enjoyed so much the last two days of our stay in Malawi i.e. 30/9 and 1.10. Blessings is a very good guide with a high standard for good services to foreign tourists, a good knowledge of the political and cultural situation in your country and…. a quiet young man! Beside that, he is flexible and able to guide his guests to places where they never should come without him! These fine qualities will be the key to success of your young ‘company’

    We wish you both a lot of success in the coming period.

    With cordial greetings of,

    Jan, Piet and Hans

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