Hiking to Zulunkhuni River Lodge

– Zulunkhuni River Lodge outside Ruarwe. First let me say that this lodge is a piece of heaven carved on the lake shore. One of the best place we stayed.
Coming from Mzuzu we stayed at Usisya one night, the 11am matola left at 1pm and the trip took 6 hours.We stayed in local lodge for the night: MK 800 for twin room -food is nsima and cold fish at MK 250. We walked to Zulunkhuni the day after starting at 8am with our backpacks weighting more than 15Kg. We had just a couple of snack bars and a half litre of water. We completely underestimated the heat and the lack of shops on the way: after 5hs and at the starting of what the locals called “shortcut” in Kawanda village – an up and down unclear path in the mountains- we had to stop and ask for water in a small village: water was red and muddy but at that point we had no choice – we didn’t have symptoms so far-. In the end we arrived in Ruarwe after almost 9 hours and there we could have some soft drinks and make it to Zulunkhuni. We were told that if you keep walking on the lakeshore instead of taking the shortcut there are some shops. My wife and are both fit persons but the complete lack of preparation posed a real danger at certain point. The bags could have been shipped by local canoes and more food and water would have done the trick. In saying so the help we received from local people while on the way has been one of the best experience of our trip.

Daniele &  Heyoung


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