Nkhwazi Lodge, Chintheche

We have just returned from Malawi and had the unfortunate experience of staying at Nkhwazi Lodge, the whole place is an absolute danger to all tourists. The chalets were probably once very nice the are now in all honesty need to be demolished, the decking outside of them is completley rotten, with gaping holes, the inside of the rooms, the curtains are not cream anymore but filthy dirty, the bathrooms are totally disgusting, goodness knows what is crawling up the walls, the bedding, you cannot sleep in the beds as the bedding is just absolutely disgusting, the wood is all being eaten away. The camping ablutions are just as bad and as for the main lodge well the dining area has the dirtiest looking table linen I have every seen, the bar area again filthy and when I saw a rat in the bar the owner a very rude said, it’s Africa, we have travelled throughout Africa and it’s the first time I have seen a rat in the bar, the dogs he has all 5 of them are in such a bad condition they should be reieved of their suffering. As for the food my goodness, we had what was supposed to be a Chicken Potjie, just awful and as for breakfast well they found some toast, please remove this place from your guide, we have always used Bradt for our travelling and it is the first time we have been disappointed. The owner is rude and violent the wonderful thing about this place is the location and the trees just stunning there are other places near by which are really good and all this cost $55 a night plus food!

Ann Locker


3 thoughts on “Nkhwazi Lodge, Chintheche

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Thanks for the feedback Ann. It is to late to remove it from the 5th edition (which is now at the printers) and when I popped by in July 09 in the course of researching it, the lodge still seemed to be operating properly – indeed we were told that major renovations were likely to take place in 2010, which clearly hasn’t happened yet! Philip

  2. T.D. says:

    Hi Ann

    We are bussy planning a visit there in December, any recomendations where we can camp in the Nkwazi area? It was high on my list due to other replies on the web but now no more. Thanks

  3. Stella Fuerst says:

    GOOD NEWS! I have just bought the place, since yesterday it is my name and as soon as the seller has moved out, I will start with the renovations and reopen the campsite under the new name “SUNGA MOYO” (That, what has to be protected), probably in January 2013. Then I will also start to bring the chalets back to their old glory and I am sincerely hoping that I will receive encouraging comments once progress can be seen. As a former overland traveller who knows the place since 20 years, my main interest is to preserve this unique piece of Malawi and share it with those who are also enjoying tranquillity in nature with a certain comfort. Even after 22 years I have not forgotten my German standards.
    Stella Fuerst

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