Livingstonia News

During travelling in Malawi I used the recent edition of the Bradt travellers guide. Most of the time I found out it contains thorough information but the description of the accomodation in Livingstonia is a bit confusing and not complete. Therefore I have an addition to the next edition of the guide:

Instead of the “Resthouse” (which is not-existing at all) there is a very pleasant accomodation at Livingstonia itself known as Dr. A.C. MKandawire’s guesthouse. They have different rooms, all very well equiped and self-contained (including a kitchen). Rates vary from 1500-2000 kwacha per person per night. When you bring your own food the staff can cook for you as well. From the garden you have an excellent lake-view.

General information: Dr. A.C. Mkandawire’s guesthouse, PO Box 7 Livingstonia. Phone: 05677851/01368210.

Kind Regards, R. van Houwelingen, Holland


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