Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (received May 08)

Hi there,


I am writing to you to introduce the NEW Lilongwe Wildlife Centre to you. There have been many changes to the Centre since your latest guide book was published.   

We are a new facility in the heart of Lilongwe, Malawi, established in July 2007 to support the rehabilitation of the countries injured, orphaned and confiscated animals and ultimately their reintroduction back to the wild. We are also a pilot project for the Born Free Foundation’s PAW Project (People and Wildlife). As well as the Wildlife Centre and the animals we have currently rescued, like the leopard, hyena and crocodile who we obtained when the old Lilongwe Zoo was closed down, we also have approx 60 acres of natural bush forest in which we have an abundance of wild birds and walking trails.

Please have a look at our website to get a better idea of what we are about.  

Kind regards, Tracey Dettmer (Marketing Manager).


Cell: +265 5 257 407

Wildlife: +265 9 161 685

Education: +265 8 692 048


Patrons: Duke of Gloucester (UK), Virginia McKenna OBE (UK)



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