Anneke Hudig’s upates (received July 08)

There are police roadblocks every 20 km, the police is mostly very friendly but can also be very corrupt. In Malawi you need reflecting stickers on the front and you also need two triangles, to put one in front and one in back of the car in case of an accident. If you fail to have one of these you will get a fine. (I thought I was used to the Mozambican corrupt policemen but they are neat when you compare them with their Malaawian collegues)

Blantyre is not a very beautifull town, it is rather ugly with shops you see all over Africa. All barred and little choice. There is hardly any English architecture left. Hotel Chez Maky is expensive, we paid $95,- for one night and no classical music in the morning. It is more like a normal house with a living rooms where all the guests can watch tv. Our room was next to the living room and the bathroom was the communal one with used soap, used towels etc in it. It moved a little bit down the road so it’s not in a 1930 house anymore

Later we slept in Kabula lodge. It looks like you always have to hassle about the price because first the said it was $55 and when we left it was $45.

We finally found the African Bookshop but I don’t think they have more than 200 books. Nothing very special really.
The Mandala House we never found, we drove around for a long time but we never found it. The map is not very correct I think.
We have an address of another guesthouse, it is called Leslie Lodge. It is very chique, every room has its own garden, it is in a big mansion. But it is a lot cheaper than Chez Maky. The address is: 2 Leslie Road, Mount Pleasant, tel: 265 01871671 and

The wildlife parks in the south are ok. Maybe you can mention the sites in your guide:
When you go to Majete wildlife reserve it is important to make a reservation for the accomodation. There are 6 huts for 12 persons and there is a cook, he makes you a fantastic dinner and breakfast. But he needs to know that you are coming.
Also for the Lengwe park you should make reservations. It has more accomodation than  Majete but it can be handy to reserve.
When anyone wants to go to the elephant park in the south, the don’t expect the bridge in Bangula to be repaired! There is no bridge and there is no action at all for any repair. We did all the driving to Bangula  for nothing. In your guide it says: check state of bridge, the guide is from 2006, we travelled in 2008, so then you can think the bridge will be repaired. But you better skip this whole route from your guide! It’s not going to work in many years.

Kind regards,
Anneke Hudig



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